Best Pc Speakers For Quality Sound

Best Pc Speakers For Quality Sound

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When looking for the best PC speakers, preferences differ person to person based on what you may want to use your speakers for, the desktop set-up you have, budget, and the space you have available in your office or home. 

Although headsets are good for gaming and privacy, if you work for long periods of time at a computer, speakers provide a more comfortable experience. 

There are so many varieties of the best PC speakers to pick from it can be hard to know where to start. Thankfully, we have compiled a review of diverse, high-quality the best PC speakers to make your search easier. We have tried to cover all price points, and you’ll find our list has something for everyone.

Best Pc Speakers For Quality Sound:

Comparison Table

[amazon box=”B00DQMJE7E,B004M18O60,B003VAHYTG,B01N33WUJ9,B003VAHYTG,B01N33WUJ9,B00GINTZBI,B016PATXSI,B008YFD5G4,B00BXF5HQ8″ template=”table”]

How We Reviewed

Our top ten PC speaker picks were reviewed based on the features they offer. We considered the pros and cons of each unit, where they can be purchased, and their warranty coverage. Whether you have been looking for a stylish, flashy set or a humble low-maintenance option, we have a speaker set for you.

Audioengine A2

[amazon box=”B00DQMJE7E” rating=”5″]


Something to note about Audioengine’s A2 is the units are bookshelf-style speakers that pretend to be PC or “multimedia” speakers. That said, they are powered via a standard AC plug. The units are very similar to their predecessor, with the digital USB being the only major difference. A major note is that both inputs are active at all times, there is no way to toggle between them.


  • Compact
  • Attractively styled
  • Impressive sound
  • Digital USB connection
  • Output for a subwoofer
  • Redesigned power connector


  • No remote control
  • Volume control is located on the back
  • Can’t toggle between inputs

 The Audioengine A2 is available on

[amazon fields=”B00DQMJE7E” value=”button”]

Three-year limited warranty on parts and labor.

Logitech Z906 5.1

[amazon box=”B004M18O60″ rating=”5″]


The 5.1 is intended for use with PCs, but it is also suitable for an AV environment. The units have a generous range of connections and features and are THX certified. The box set includes five compact satellite speakers alongside a powered subwoofer. Its 500W of power is impressive for such a compact system.


  • Powerful sound
  • Good build quality
  • Convenient control console


  • No HD audio decoding
  • No HDMI inputs
  • where to buy
  • warranty

The Logitech Z906 5.1 is available on

[amazon fields=”B004M18O60″ value=”button”]

Two-year limited hardware warranty.

Logitech Z623

[amazon box=”B003VAHYTG” rating=”5″]


One of the most useful features of the Logitech Z623 is the quick-access RCA 3.5mm input That is able to support three audio inputs.

The units are also fitted with headphone jack and have subwoofer rated at 130 watts. You can literally shatter the peace of your neighborhood with this set.


  • 200 Watt 2.1 surround is excessive, in a good way
  • Bass is strong and clear
  • THX certification
  • 5mm inputs support three audio devices


  • The subwoofer is heavy
  • Not gaming-centric
  • where to buy
  • warranty

The Logitech Z623 is available on

[amazon fields=”B003VAHYTG” value=”button”]

Two-year limited hardware warranty.

Vanatoo Transparent Zero

[amazon box=”B01N33WUJ9″ rating=”5″]


The Vanatoo, have a unique trapezoidal design that allows them to be angled up toward the listener’s ears. They can also be flipped for stand-mounted in-room use. The units grills are magnetically attached, and they contain a one-fourth inch 20 threaded insert for console mounting.

The units bass response has a choice of two digital signal processing settings for flat use of 3dB point to 52Hz with a crossover at 80Hz or shelved use of -3dB point to 56Hz with a subwoofer output to 125Hz.


  • Good value for the price
  • Versatile
  • Compact
  • Has a remote
  • Multiple inputs including Bluetooth, Analogue, USB, and Optical


  • Not portable
  • Not water resistant
  • where to buy
  • warranty

The Vanatoo Transparent Zero is available on

[amazon fields=”B01N33WUJ9″ value=”button”]

Three-year warranty.

Luna e25 eclipse


The Edifier e25 Luna Eclipse speakers have an appealing look but are a bit lackluster on sound. They feature a curved design, touch-sensitive controls, and sleek remote that can improve the aesthetics of any desk. That said we are disappointed by the lack of balance in their bass.

[amazon box=”B00GINTZBI” rating=”5″]


  • Beautiful build quality
  • Clear midrange
  • Strong Bluetooth connection
  • Exceptional design


  • Treble is very forward
  • Exposed tweeter
  • Cable required for stereo operation
  • where to buy
  • warranty

The Luna e25 eclipse is available on

[amazon fields=”B00GINTZBI” value=”button”]

Two-year warranty.

Feniks Essence

Feniks Essence

Image from Feniks Audio


Earlier we mentioned the best PC speakers utilize your PC’s sound card; however, Essence bypasses your computer’s sound card and uses a 24-bit / 96kHz DAC instead.

Digital connectivity is provided via USB and TOSLINK, and analog options are an RCA 3.5mm input. The units are powered by a 50 watt per channel ICEpower amplification module. The module drives a 4.5-inch coaxial driver.

The design places multiple drivers at the same point for optimized stereo imaging. At 4.5 grams the driver offers a quicker response than its counterparts.


  • Compact
  • Excellent soundstage
  • Smallest high-end speaker system available
  • Specifically designed as a high-end computer speaker system
  • Assembled by hand in Switzerland


  • Expensive
  • Limited Availability
  • where to buy
  • warranty

The Feniks Essence eclipse is available on Feniks Audio site:Material or workmanship defects covered for three (3) years. Repairs or replacement require submission of a sales invoice from an authorized retailer.

Edifier R1700BT

[amazon box=”B016PATXSI” rating=”5″]


The R1700BT has an attractive walnut vinyl and black body and is built with a 10-degree upward slant to helps ensure the sound is directly aimed at the listener. Controls for treble, bass, and volume are conveniently located in a cut-away section on the side of the right speaker. The attention to design detail and sufficient soundstage are the biggest benefits of the units.


  • Nice midrange
  • Smooth, robust sound
  • Smart finishes and build quality
  • Affordable


  • Bass sticks out
  • Thin treble
  • Limited Availability
  • where to buy
  • warranty

The Edifier R1700BT is available on

[amazon fields=”B016PATXSI” value=”button”]

Two-year warranty.

Harman Kardon SoundSticks


The SoundSticks III is pretty much identical to the speakers and sub released Harman Kardon a few years ago. The hardware is pretty much the same except for the ability for you to stream audio from a smartphone, tablet, computer via Bluetooth. The idea that they are wireless is kind of deceiving because thick cables are needed to connect everything.

[amazon box=”B008YFD5G4″ rating=”5″]


  • Interesting transparent design
  • Decent price point
  • Durable


  • Lots of large wires
  • Very little new technology compared to its predecessor
  • where to buy
  • warranty

The Harman Kardon SoundSticks III is available on

[amazon fields=”B008YFD5G4″ value=”button”]

One-year or five-years for any non-powered speakers.

Cyber Acoustics CA-3602 FFP

[amazon box=”B00BXF5HQ8″ rating=”5″]


The CA-3602 the best PC speakers are a 2.1 speaker system that boasts thunderous bass and excellent performance in a beautifully tailored package. There is a desktop control pod that affords convenient management of the power, master volume, and bass controls. The attention to design continues with an easy to access to a headphone jack and an aux-in jack.


  • Comes with subwoofer
  • Has a control pod
  • Bass volume control
  • Clear highs


  • Bass is healthy but lacks clarity
  • where to buy
  • warranty

The Cyber Acoustics CA-3602 FFP is available on

[amazon fields=”B00BXF5HQ8″ value=”button”]

One-year limited warranty.

Aperion Allaire

[amazon box=”B078JMB87V” rating=”5″]


The Allaire speakers are stylish and have a host of useful connection options. They will likely be one of the most versatile speaker options you will encounter. The soundstage is rich and well balanced. For the cost, there is a great blend of higher-end amenities and practical budget friendly accessibility.


  • Beautifully balanced sound
  • Expansive stereo image
  • Extensive features
  • Attractive aesthetics


  • Bluetooth volume maxes out quickly
  • Price may be a barrier to some
  • where to buy
  • warranty
  • price

The Aperion Allaire is available on

[amazon fields=”B078JMB87V” value=”button”]


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Best Pc Speakers FAQ’s

1. What Are PC Speakers?

Computer speakers are also called multimedia speakers. Their design is geared toward use with computers, but they often have multiple other audio uses. The designs of the speakers can get rather sophisticated and may include options such as a subwoofer unit, for optimized bass output.

2. What Do PC Speakers Do?

PC speakers are a type of hardware device that connects to your computer to generate a more robust sound than the computer’s speakers can create alone.

3. How Do PC Speakers Work?

The signal that PC speakers use to produce sound originates from the computer’s internal sound card. That said, our list includes one high-end speaker that actually bypasses your computers sound card, a unique approach that provides a superior sound.

4. Where Can You Buy PC Speakers?

Where you purchase your PC speakers depends on the type of speaker you want. Many speakers can be found in stores. However, a greater variety, often at a better price, can be found online at retailers such as Amazon. That said, it is always best to buy from a reputable dealer.

Our Pick: The Aperion Allaire

[amazon box=”B078JMB87V”]

Our top pick for the best PC speakers would have to be the Aperion Allaire. We feel the quality and soundstage of these speakers is the best available at a midrange price point. They have better availability than several of the other options on our list and boast a classic design that will likely appeal to more users. The sound quality on the set is rich at both high and low volumes.

That said, these are dedicated the best PC speakers, so they are not appropriate for filling an entire room with sound. We don’t see that as a drawback and like the specificity of the speaker design. The ability to switch between Bluetooth and corded use, alongside their overwhelming overall versatility makes them a flexible audio enhancement choice.

The compact design is great for desktop use and reviews overwhelmingly speak to the superior sound quality. Comparatively, the soundstage is what you would expect from picks like the Essence. In fact, we glossed over the Essence as our final pick, because despite its near perfect sound, it is three times the price of the Allaire and most people won’t find that a bargain.

The speaker system is not exactly expensive, but they also are not budget speakers. That said, we feel for the price, you get a solid sound and quality often only found in higher priced speakers. The one drawback we feel should be mentioned is that the warranty is only good for one year. That period is on the low end of the warranty offerings on our list. If you are looking for long-term repair and replacement security, this particular system will come up short. However, if you are looking for a solid sound, beautiful and compact set up, and versatility then the Aperion Allaire will be the right choice for you.

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