What Earbuds Work With PS4 – Optimizing Your Audio Set Up When Gaming

PS4 with controller

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What Earbuds Should PS4 Gamers Buy?

While most gamer know the value of a good headset, many of them still question the difference between using a full-size headset and earbuds. Using earbuds with PS4 often makes a more economical choice than a full-sized headset. The smaller earbuds are also more comfortable to work with as far as not clashing with earrings, gaming glasses or even a fun hairstyle. Understanding what earbuds work with PS4 becomes more clear as the user determines which one fit their needs.

Aside from that, there is confusion when it comes to the difference between an earbud and an in-ear monitor (IEM) device. They allow the earbud to rest inside the outer ear without entering the ear canal. An IEM has the added plastic piece that goes into the ear canal.

Many users shy away from trying an earbud because they do not want the added piece in the ear canal. It is often confusing when some earbuds are sold as being “in-ear” without the monitor in the name. An earbud may be sold as an “in-ear earphone” as well.

The pressure from the headband that connects the two sides of a regular headset can also be troublesome for some users. A good quality earbud that supports the needs of the user is the priority. Making sure the earbud you buy works with your system is also imperative.

When exploring what earbuds work with PS4, one of the most significant differences between most of the choices is whether the user wants it to be wired or wireless. There is also a considerable amount of variety as far as price, features, and quality.

Gaming Earbuds With Wired Connections

For many who play in interactive games, a microphone is essential to interact and communicate with other players. You may assume this requires a large microphone and full-sized headset, but this is not the case.

Several great earbuds are set out there that have microphones. Here are some of them:

1. DLAND E-Sport Earbud With Microphone

The sporty earbud from DLAND comes with a detachable 11 cm microphone. The microphone design mimics what many expect from a full-sized headset, with it not only being removable but also fully adjustable. Many users like the flexibility of adjusting a microphone attached to the earbud they can see.

These earbuds come with three different sized silicon inserts that fit most users. They also ship with a standard length cord and an extension for gamers who want more wire to move. It also comes with adapters to make it easy to switch from use with the PS4 and cell phones.

Users describe the sound quality as being good with a mid-range of noise canceling technology. While it does not block out enough noise to distract the player, it is high enough quality to give the user an enjoyable gaming experience. This is one of the more top rated, budget-friendly products customers shared as they discussed what earbuds work with PS4.

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2. AOKII In-Ear Earphones

The earbuds made by AOKII are among the most reasonable and high-quality earbuds available in the market. While they do not have the boom-type microphone that is attached to one headpiece, they have a good quality inline mic that looks more like those offered on cell phone headsets.

The sound coming from this set of earbuds is crisp with minimal distortion. They come with special built-in drivers to regulate the noise and deliver a higher quality product. The volume is also reliable, and the microphone stays clear. Many other headsets have issues with the sound using an inline microphone, but that is not the case with this headset.

One thing to keep in mind is this brand appears to have many low-cost fakes flooding the market. So the buyer must beware of imitated models. These fake products normally do not offer the same quality even though they appear to be the same.

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3. Marsno M1 In-Ear Headphones

The unique design of the Marsno M1 makes it a top choice for many users that are unhappy with bulky earbuds. These earbuds are lightweight because they have an aluminum housing, and this helps curb the bulk factor.

Even with the lighter feel, it does not compromise the feature and quality of the sound. While there is not a feature to cancel outside noise, the design fosters minimal sound leakage. This helps to balance the internal sound with outside distractions.

The mic on this model is something many users enjoy. Using the mic with a one-button inline design is easy. The housing is slick and modern in appearance. It also cancels out unwanted background noise easily.

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4. Vogek Gaming Earphone

The Vogek gaming earphone offers one of the best ergonomic designs as far as microphones go. The earbuds come with the attached, boom-like microphone. Aside from its inline, built-in mic feature, the dual-mic design offers the most flexibility. Customers report a high-quality sound transmission without a high price.

The fact that the earbuds use two mics adds up to their ability to isolate the voice and mask outside noises. The attached cord is a bonus as it is longer than the others and also thicker than the average headphone cord.

This pair also fits comfortably in the ears of most customers. They use memory foam to give each user a custom fit. Beyond the memory foam, the earbuds also use unique materials that support HD sound via audio codec and noise-canceling elements.

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Wireless Earbuds For Gaming

For the gamer who’s tired of being tethered to the PS4, the advancement of technology allows them to connect to their consoles via wireless earbuds. This feature also makes many of the headsets easier to use as a cross-device since they can pair them with cell phones, MP3 players, and computers with ease.

1. SoundPEATS Magnetic Wireless Earbuds

This pair of wireless earbuds is an excellent earbud for a very reasonable price. They offer an inline microphone for interacting with online games, and the sleek basic design is enough for most users. Users report a high-level of sound quality. This includes technology to cancel out background noise.

However, you need to take care of these earbuds to make them last. This pair is less sturdy than some of the other earbuds with shorter battery life, but as for the price, this seems like a fair trade.

The magnetic added feature makes them user-friendly. The earbuds can be connected when not in use and worn around the neck until needed. This helps to avoid the headset being lost when the user ends a game or a voice call.

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2. Somic VC-G618 Wireless Gaming Earbuds

The Somic VC-G618 work off of Bluetooth technology to offer the best wireless earbuds. This makes them versatile for gaming use. The slick design seems to be a more grown-up version of many gamer headsets.

Just like the Vogek earbuds, this set also comes with two different microphones. The user can remove the attached microphone to use the inline version for voice calls.

The battery life is also a selling feature since it lasts about eight hours per charge. Getting used to charging up earbuds takes time when going from wired to wireless. Hence, the battery life is a significant factor in choosing which model of wireless earbuds to buy.

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Comparing What Earbuds Work With PS4

Whether a gamer wants to stay wired or go wireless, there is a full range of things to consider when purchasing earbuds. There is more to explore than just how earbuds work with PS4. With so many earbuds on the market, there is a plenty of rooms where to find something that works for everyone.

Starting with the type of microphone, the user wants to use helps in this process. The difference between the attached receiver and an inline version is enormous for some users. Having the ability to switch between the two types of microphones for expanded versatility is a deciding factor for many buyers.

The step to deciding for wireless earbuds can mean a higher price for some models. This seems to be a trade-off for adult gamers as earbuds prevents them from being tied to their PS4. Adapting to the need to keep the earbuds charged is a small price to pay for the newly found freedom. It is not unusual for dedicated gamers to buy more than one pair of their favorite wireless earbuds to always have one charged.

A downside to some wireless models is they are less durable than their wired competitors. Wireless earbuds are easier to lose since they are not connected to the PS4 directly. Getting a magnetic pair of earbuds may make them easier to monitor when not in use.

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