How To Clean Earbuds – The Quickest and Most Efficient Strategy

How To Clean Earbuds – The Quickest and Most Efficient Strategy

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It’s not uncommon for us to take our music with us everywhere we go. Sometimes, people want to enjoy music quietly while in places where other people need silence. Earbuds are the best solution for listening to your music discreetly. However, there are some challenges that are likely to arise as a result of the daily use of your earbuds. This article will educate you on how to clean earbuds properly. When using the earbuds on a daily basis, or just frequency in general, chances are that they will get dirty with dust or even earwax. It is important to know how to clean the earphones so they can serve you better for longer.

Earbuds are crafted from fragile materials that can easily get damaged. A lot of care and attention should be given to the delicate parts when cleaning the earbuds, so you don’t have them spoilt in the process of cleaning and drying them up. Knowing how to clean earbuds is essential.

How To Clean Earbuds

If you are a frequent user of earbuds, to listen to music or watch movies and catch up on podcasts, then you are aware of how dirty they can be after a short while. Oils from your skin and earwax are just some things that can build up on the earbuds, making you unwilling to put them back in your ears. The good news is that most earbuds are easy to clean. You only need a few minutes and some basic materials to have your earbuds return to a clean state for an enjoyable and more hygienic experience. Here is how to clean earbuds:

Unplug the Earbuds

Unplug The Earbuds From Your Listening Device

If there is light debris and some dried-on residue, a toothbrush can be used to rub the dirt off the earbuds quite quickly. It is advisable to start by disconnecting the earbuds from the phone or the listening device. This will help prevent the device from getting in contact with water and/or soap during the cleaning process. Keep the device safe and carry your earbuds to a place where they can be effectively cleaned without getting ruined or damaging other items.

Look For A Used Toothbrush And Use It To Clean Your Earbuds

It is a good idea to find an old, used toothbrush to clean your earbuds with. You may think of buying a new, cheap one, but you should only do that when you can’t find any at your disposal. For the best results, make sure that the bristles on the toothbrush are stiff enough.

Toothbrushes that are made with nylon bristles clean the best since nylon helps break up the static electricity. With the nylon bristles, you don’t have to worry about spoiling the internal workings of the earbuds. Using a toothbrush is one of the safest ways to clean the earbuds since the filaments are long and narrow enough to penetrate into the mesh ear coverings.

Scrub The Earbuds Gently

With light circular sweeping motions, clean the surface of the earbuds with the toothbrush. Make sure to brush away as much pocket lint, earwax, and other debris as you can. This technique works perfectly for the earbuds which are not used frequently and, therefore, have not collected and accumulated a lot of dirt.

Once you have done that, the earbuds should be free of gunk and ready for another long use. It is advisable not to brush too hard while trying to clean the area around the ear openings. Brushing too vigorously may push the debris further into the openings making it almost impossible to remove. A toothbrush can also be used to scrub the earbuds before having them cleaned with other products.

Clean The Toothbrush Or Discard It

If you don’t plan to use the toothbrush again, consider throwing it in the garbage since it is not clean after being used for cleaning the earbuds. If you plan to use the toothbrush again, then you need to clean it by placing it in boiling water for a few moments and sanitizing it.

Your ears contain a lot of germs that are picked up from other objects and surfaces through natural processes. For this reason, it is best to dispose of the toothbrush or sanitize it thoroughly after using it for cleaning. When the toothbrush is boiled, the bristles will soften, and the heat is great for getting rid of the bacteria it collected that when cleaning the earbuds.

how to clean earbuds

Using Soap And Water

At times, earbuds tend to have a lot of grime packed in them, which only calls for thorough cleaning. Start with clean lukewarm water and fill it in the sink or a small basin. The next step involves adding in a few drops of liquid detergent or hand soap. This process does not require a lot of detergents; you only need a small amount of soap to have the earbuds cleaned thoroughly.

The key is to use a soap solution that does not contain too much detergent, but just enough to enable you to clean the earbuds effectively. Water almost always ruins electronic gadgets, especially when a lot of soap is used. It can leave behind some slick residue and negatively affect the speakers. While earbuds are not prone to be spoilt by water, it is much safer to ensure that only enough of it is used for the cleaning process.

Drench A Washcloth With Soapy Water

Use a washcloth to soak up a small amount of the soap solution. Wring out excess soap solution until it leaves it slightly damp. Sometimes, it gets tricky to clean electronic gadgets with water, which is why you will only need a very small amount of solution. You don’t have to ruin your earbuds by having them immersed completely in water. Before you start cleaning, make sure that your hands are almost wet. This will help you from encountering accidents related to too much water on the earbuds.

Wipe Down The Exterior Of The Earbuds

To wipe down the earbuds, leverage one of the corners of the wet piece of cloth that you have been using. Be careful not to interfere with the contours found on either side of the ear opening, at the points where the buds rest inside your ear canals. Try not to get in contact with the ear openings, since when water gets into them, they can get irreparably damaged. Ensure that the input jacks and cords are covered in the towel so that they are protected from the water while you work on the earbuds. Try to hold the earbuds and have the openings face down, so the water and debris do not get into them. Lightly wipe the earbuds. Don’t use too much force to avoid having water come out of the slightly wet cloth and ruin the earbuds.

Thoroughly Dry The Earbuds

Now that the earbuds are clean, you need to dry them up before use. Find a clean, dry hand towel and press the clean earbuds on them so that they absorb the moisture left on the surface of the earbuds. Have the earbuds placed in a well-ventilated place ensures that they will be further dried naturally. Let them stay in that area for at least one hour before picking them up.

Once the earbuds are completely dry, they will be ready for use for about one to two weeks before cleaning may be necessary. To ensure maximum safety, consider leaving the earbuds to dry up overnight. It is not recommended to try to dry the earbuds or any other electronic device with a heat source like a hairdryer. Since earbuds are made up of thin wires and plastics, they can easily be melted at the slightest rise in temperature.

There are many other methods that can be used to clean and dry dirty earbuds. If you have been trying to find information about how to clean earbuds, then this article should provide you with the best solution. Note that there are many other methods that can be used. They include using rubbing alcohol since it has antibacterial properties that can help to make your earbuds clean.

how to clean earbuds

Many people always find themselves in situations that demand the use of earphones, but they never dare to take them out in public since they are not clean enough. It is also not proper to walk into the store every weekend to purchase new earphones just because the old ones are dirty. This information shows that just because your earbuds are dirty, you do not need to spend money on purchasing new ones. You can salvage and maintain your favorite pair with simple maintenance and a thorough cleaning process.

Now that you know how to clean earbuds, you can easily spend a few minutes to clean and take care of them for the long run. You can even come up with a plan to start saving the amount that you would otherwise spend on buying a new pair of earbuds. If you are keen enough, you will realize that this information is great for someone who wants to stay healthy, and also save a few bucks for more important things.

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