Speaker & Earbud Reviews – LG LAS551H Soundbar

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In today’s day and age, keeping up with new technology and speaker products can prove exhausting. From portable Bluetooth speakers, to studio monitors, PAs, and home theater systems, there are many categories of the term “speaker.”

Comparison Table

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Each category also has multiple brands and multiple choices within the brand. And although the try-before-you-buy method is preferred, we know that not many people actually get to test the product before they buy it. Internet reviews such as this one can serve as a good tool for techies looking to buy, or even just learn. In this review, we’re taking a look at the LG LAS551H speaker.

The LG LAS551H

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The 2015 LG Electronics LAS551H Sound Bar and Subwoofer is a pretty awesome sound package overall. Our reasons? First, it’s a favorite among buyers on Amazon; it’s so popular that it sold out! Second, it has enough features to keep anyone entertained, and its advanced audio technology provides a fantastic, luxurious listening experience.

Let’s dig a little deeper into this product and do an inspection from the ground up. The 2015 LG Electronics LAS551H Sound Bar and Subwoofer, fresh out of the box, includes:

  • 35” Sound Bar
  • 200W Wireless Subwoofer
  • Remote Control with 2 AA batteries
  • Optical Cable
  • Wall mount bracket and screws
  • USB cable
  • Installation and usage manual

The sound bar and subwoofer package is fully equipped with Bluetooth. Sound Sync Wireless is a major feature that gives this set of speakers a premium technological appeal. There is no need for dangerous wires dangling around everywhere in the room.

Once we pulled it out of the box, the speaker was easy to set up. The instructions perfectly described how to mount the soundbar. We never needed the help of an expert (though, if you’re not comfortable drilling holes to mount the bracket, expert help is easy to find). The subwoofer is wireless, so we found the perfect spot for it in the room, and the acoustics are great.

The LG LAS551H comes ready with Bluetooth connectivity, and it’s what powers the Sound Sync technology. We tested out the wireless features on our favorite movie and the effects blew us away. Conversations were crystal clear, and the explosions were out of this world.

Connecting it to the new LG TV was a simple matter of utilizing the Sound Sync feature to sync the TV to the soundbar and subwoofer. Everything connects wirelessly. This is really convenient and easy to use. Overall, the audio playback is really good, and the remote control equalizer makes it simple to set the sound exactly the way you like it.

Product Specs


Sound Bar Weight

6.2 pounds

Subwoofer Weight

12.6 pound

Sound Bar Length


Sound Bar Output Power

2×60 Watts

Subwoofer Output Power

200 Watts

Audio Channels



Bluetooth, LG TV Sound Sync, HDMI, Optical, USB

Dynamic Range Control


3D Video Pass


DTS Digital Sound


How it Compares

There are a few other sound bars that had to be looked at throughout the research process.

  1. VIZIO SB3821-C6 38-Inch 2.1 Channel Sound Bar with Wireless Subwoofer
  2. LG Electronics SH7B 4.1 Channel 360W Sound Bar with Wireless Subwoofer (2016 Model)
  3. LG Electronics SJ7 Sound Bar Flex – Dual Speaker System with Wireless Subwoofer (2017 Model)

The LG LAS551H

Using Bluetooth audio, we can connect up to three phones and play all our favorite music. With the touch of a button, it’s easy to go from TV-time to party-time. Everyone in the family can enjoy the new home speakers. With a single touch of a button, Bluetooth activates and Karaoke night can begin. 

Since we have an LG TV, the Sound Sync really comes in handy. Sound Sync lets us connect both the sound bar and subwoofer wirelessly, spread them out, and fill the whole room with sound. For sound connoisseurs, this is an absolute must-have. You can have the theater experience right in your home. The best part is you can have everything set up in minutes after removing it from the box! 

For the price, this soundbar and subwoofer easily slide past the average TV in acoustic design quality. It enhanced every bit of dialog and made our watching experience feel just like the theater. There were no drop-offs in sound when we connected wirelessly, and there was no lag in streaming quality. 

LG provides a 1-year warranty on this excellent soundbar. They also cover all the parts for 60 days. 

Pros and Cons

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After a long day of searching, reading, reviewing, and searching more, we compiled a list of everything we love and hate about the 2015 LG Electronics LAS551H Sound Bar and Subwoofer. We have to admit; while there were a couple of complaints, a few things still stood out. Here’s the list:


  • Thanks to the superior LG sound technology, the audio quality is absolutely mind-blowing
  • The HDMI port is perfect for getting premium sound during movies
  • The wireless capabilities with LG TVs and Bluetooth connectivity offer a versatility that many other sound bars lack


  • The simple, solid design lacks any flair and borders on bland
  • It could have a few more features, but for the price and quality, it’s an excellent mid-range sound bar and subwoofer package

VIZIO SB3821-C6 38-Inch 2.1 Channel Sound Bar with Wireless Subwoofer

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This soundbar and subwoofer are super easy to use. The 5-button configuration makes it a breeze to use right out of the box. Novices and pros alike will appreciate the simple controls and Bluetooth connectivity. 

The wall mount and wireless subwoofer are easy to put up for the at-home handyperson. The soundbar only weighs 5 pounds, so you can position it by yourself and have it up in a matter of minutes. The wireless subwoofer can be positioned anywhere in the room. 

Build quality on this soundbar is pretty shoddy. The left speaker is infamous for going out and sometimes making a crackling noise right out of the box. 

VIZIO offers a pretty good warranty on their products. It covers parts and labor for 1 year. The crackling issue was easily resolved thanks to this necessary warranty. 


  • A soundbar, and subwoofer combo is a great find at this price.


  • Shoddy design could go wrong.

LG Electronics SH7B 4.1 Channel 360W Sound Bar with Wireless Subwoofer (2016 Model)

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This particular model comes equipped with Bluetooth streaming and Google Cast. It can be programmed to respond to your TV remote, so there is no need to keep track of all those errant remote controls. Google Cast and Bluetooth may be a little advanced for some users, but the instruction manual lays everything out in a way that’s super simple. 

LG packages the mounting equipment for this lightweight soundbar, and the subwoofer is wireless. There are a ton of connection options for this combination, so users will find many creative ways to get their theatrical experience. 

Advanced options and new technology are not without their flaws. There have been reported issues with the firmware updates needed to maintain the functionality of this soundbar. This could frustrate some newer users. Those seeking a sound system without all the bells and whistles might enjoy one of the earlier models. 

Purchasing this soundbar and subwoofer through Amazon grants, you access to 60 days of advanced technical support. Join that with the year-long warranty on parts from LG, and you’re in good shape. 


  • Advanced connection options and functionality at a mid-range price make this a great option for average users.


  • Until they can release reliable firmware updates, this sound bar may not be a good option for those who are less technically inclined

LG Electronics SJ7 Sound Bar Flex – Dual Speaker System with Wireless Subwoofer (2017 Model)

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The most expensive sound bar on the review list, this model has the most features. It comes equipped with Bluetooth connectivity, LG Sound sync, and Adaptive Sound Control. The soundbar splits into a pair of twin speakers so that you can get more coverage from your acoustics. Everything can connect wirelessly with the touch of a button, so we rated this model 5 out 5 for ease of use.

You can mount this sound bar on your drywall with the supplied kit or spread the speakers around your room. It’s really versatile! Plus, it’s all wireless so that you can avoid any loose wires hanging around. The options make assembly on this soundbar and subwoofer a 5 out of 5.

The options for setup and connectivity on this model make it popular, but there have been some reports of the Wifi connectivity feature interfering with users’ home wifi signal. Also, the signal seems to drop from time to time. Build quality could be improved on the wireless front.

The included warranty covers manufacturer’s parts for the length of 1 year. LG products have a great reputation for lasting a long time.


  • If you’re a picky listener like us, then you’ll love the ability to control the equalizer straight from the remote control. Depending on what form of media you’re playing, you can optimize your sound for the best experience possible.


  • The price places this one out of range for many first-time buyers.


After reviewing the pros and cons of the other models on the market, many of them have problems with maintaining connectivity. We didn’t see this issue with the LG LAS551H. It’s highly important to maintain this basic functionality for the optimum experience. The setup is similar for all the lightweight models, which is a really nice feature since it’s so convenient.

It’s great that the  LG LAS551H’s pros outweigh the cons on this model in such a heavy way. The wireless technology comes in handy when many members of the family want to engage in the fun, and the EQ is perfect for setting any sound.

What it lacks in pizazz and added features, the 2015 LG Electronics LAS551H Sound Bar and Subwoofer makes up for in pure sonic proficiency. At this price, the power, functionality, and sound quality can’t be beaten. We found some pricier models with more features that, upon reading their reviews, we realized couldn’t compete with the musical appeal of the LG. Combine that with complete wireless and Bluetooth functionality, and the choice was easy.

Overall, we wouldn’t go with any other sound bar and subwoofer than this one.If you’re searching for a gift for someone or just something nice for yourself, this is the perfect speaker set. The performance is top tier, and the price is fair.

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