The Absolute Best Bluetooth Speaker For The Beach

The Absolute Best Bluetooth Speaker For The Beach

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Looking for the absolute best Bluetooth speaker? You came to the right place. We have a few different options, for you that are all great. We’re here to help you find the best speaker. We have come up with a decision for which Bluetooth speaker is the best for being at the beach. Not only have we found a great speaker but we also found a few other options for you that are available and could be the best Bluetooth speaker for the beach. We wanted to give you a few options that vary in pricing so hopefully they match up with your budget!

Top Recommendation: FUGOO Tough

FUGOO Tough is known for being able to handle roughness, being dropped, thrown, and more. This speaker is durable, and long lasting! FUGOO Tough retails for less than $100 which I realize is on the pricey side for some budgets, but it is well worth your money if you’re looking to invest in a great Bluetooth speaker. This speaker is 100% waterproof, snow proof, and mud proof, making this a very durable speaker for the beach. FUGOO has a battery life of 40 hours, voice-enabled speakerphone, and has 360 sound.

With this product, you’ll find many great qualities. FUGOO has high ratings, and their speaker is accessible with many different electronics. This is one of our options for the best Bluetooth speaker for the beach considering it’s 100% waterproof, durable, and able to handle it. If interested, click the button below grab yours today! 

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Second Best: JBL Charge 3 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

As you’re looking for the best Bluetooth speaker for the beach, you are most likely looking for pricing and what is going to fit into your budget. The JBL Charge 3 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker is on more of the pricey side but well worth your money. It runs a little pricey, but the quality of this product is incredible and you won’t regret your purchase! Especially, if you’re looking for a speaker that is going to stick around for a while!

Running on 20 hours of battery life, this speaker is known for being used outdoors. When looking for a Bluetooth speaker for the beach you want to look for what is water resistant, you can deliver calls through the speaker, and you can use to charge your cell phone. In addition to so many benefits of this speaker, it is an excellent option for the beach and could be the best Bluetooth speaker for the beach to your preference.

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Bose SoundLink Color

Smaller, and more durable! This is a great option for someone looking for a smaller bluetooth speaker! This speaker can stay connected to your bluetooth device up to 30ft away! One small downside to this product is that it is not 100% waterproof. Although, it is very splash proof. This is a great gift for someone who loves to listen to music and is traveling around considering the size of this speaker!

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UE Boom 2

UE Boom 2 offers great sound quality, lasting battery, and is waterproof. Absolutely everything you need for a great Bluetooth speaker for the beach. When listening to the sound at the highest it can go, you will experience no distortion to the music! It’s great for parties, the beach, and all outdoor functions! You can also get this speaker in multiple different colors, and it has a VERY long battery life lasting up to fifteen hours! So many different qualities that are all very beneficial and well worth your money!

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Whether you’re looking for the best Bluetooth speaker for the beach or, you’re just looking for a great Bluetooth speaker, we wanted to give you a few of our best options. We hope that this was helpful for you, and if you decided on one of the few we offered, let us know how the Bluetooth speaker worked out for you! We’re excited that you stopped by our site to check this out!

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