Anker Soundcore Vs Soundcore 2

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There are very few people in the world who don’t enjoy music. For the vast majority of us, music is there with us through it all. Traveling by car or plane as a passenger, having a fun get-together at the beach, by the pool, or by the campfire, music is there for us motivating us, driving to inspire us into productivity and innovation, and entertaining us. Today we’re going to compare two great portable speakers: the Anker SoundCore vs SoundCore 2.

Comparison Table

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We take pride in the music we listen to, and most of us seek out the perfect technology engineered by the very best manufacturers who will do justice to the themes of our lives. Luckily for the common consumer, there are endless options out there for high-quality speakers to suit every need and personality, every genre of music and any place one may want to listen.

With such an enormous selection of audio playing devices, there are countless brands that claim to have the best durability, the sleekest design, the longest battery life, the highest sound quality, and the greatest of anything else an audiophile could possibly want. There are also plenty of speakers brand names that go head to head with their products, closely engineering their speakers with the most professional technology, one brand always attempting to one-up the other.

For the consumer who wants a portable speaker that can offer all of the above and more while still standing on its own platform in aspects such as quality, looks, and design, the Anker brand is the answer to their prayers. Anker does not need to push itself against any other brand name to claim its spot as one of the most trusted and formidable brand names on the market, it stands alone as a quality brand with not only a huge selection of speakers for every need, but manufacturers at Anker persistently strive to better each new product as an improvement from the last.

What Are The Anker SoundCore vs SoundCore 2?

The Anker SoundCore vs SoundCore 2 are portable Bluetooth wireless speakers. These speakers are designed to easily hook up to any audio playing device via Bluetooth, which is a wireless connectivity output, so that there are no annoying wires that can get tangled up involved. There are countless models out on the market today that boast impressive specs for hundreds of different speakers, but Anker is a brand name one can trust with years of innovation and careful manufacturing under their belts.

The SoundCore line of portable speakers specifically is a line of music playing devices that promises top quality, durability, long-lasting battery life, and all this and more for the most affordable prices on the market. We and many other reviewers are proud to say that Anker and the SoundCore line absolutely meets and exceeds these promises; a lot of their speakers are considered a steal for the specs relative to the low prices!

​Anker SoundCore Specs

Right off the bat, the Anker brand has a few promises they feel confident enough to make to any curious consumer viewing their items. Anker wants consumers to join the other ten million plus people who are currently powered by their leading technology. Anker calls this the Anker Advantage. Additionally, Anker promises superior sound quality through full-bodied stereo speakers with dual high-performance drivers in each of their products.

Anker has patented a unique spiral bass port for bass frequencies that can not be rivaled, and also offers a guaranteed less than 1% total harmonic distortion in each and every model that will deliver enhanced clarity and audio crispness that will not be heard elsewhere.

The first generation Anker SoundCore vs SoundCore 2 is impressive for being the first of its kind. Right out of the box, this speaker delivers an impressive and noticeable bass, and the sound quality holds up without muffling, crackling, or distorting even at the highest volumes.

The physical design and looks of the SoundCore are best described as minimalistic. With a slim, sleek, black build with mesh speakers and a hardened silicone outer shell, this speaker feels substantial and built to last in the user’s hand. The volume, power, and Bluetooth control buttons are on the top of the speaker, the same black as the body with slightly raised outlines of each button.

Perhaps the biggest claim to fame from the manufacturers at Anker is the supreme battery life of their products. The SoundCore speaker will play for a guaranteed twenty-four hours straight at a constant 80% volume. This playtime is also measured by about 500 songs, and the impressive high capacity Li-ion battery within is the result of Anker’s “industry-leading power management technology.” The SoundCore comes equipped with Bluetooth 4.0 technology and automatically reconnects to the last device used for further ease of use. The Bluetooth can keep signal up to 66 feet away. The SoundCore also comes equipped with a  3.5 mm auxiliary input for non-Bluetooth devices.

​Anker SoundCore Boost Specs

To put our Anker SoundCore vs SoundCore 2 argument into better perspective, we decided to compare them both to the SoundCore line Boost portable speaker. This speaker chronologically comes next in the design order after the SoundCore 2, and consumers often pit the two against one another to compare quality-to-price ratios.

By appearance, the SoundCore Boost is almost indistinguishable from the previous generation SoundCore 2. Both speakers sit as long thin rectangles with front facing mesh speakers and a slick-looking smooth rubber black outer shell. The buttons on the Boost almost exactly match the ones on the SoundCore 2: black on black with raised bumps for a discreet minimalist design. Both speakers even weigh the same at 1.29 pounds!

The Bluetooth capabilities of this speaker are easy to use, simple to hook up, and have the same range of capabilities as the SoundCore 2 of up to 66 feet away from the audio device. The Boost also comes equipped with a 3.5 mm auxiliary input for non-Bluetooth devices, just like the SoundCore 2. The micro USB charging port and the auxiliary input are covered by a thick rubber gasket to keep water and dust out.

This speaker has a built-in microphone so that one can take calls via the speaker. The Boost is rated IPX5, which means it can handle some splashing or rain, but is not meant to be completely submerged. The internal battery power of this speaker allows one to continuously listen to music at moderate volumes for around twelve hours.

The Boost gets its name from the “bass up” button featured on the top beside the volume control and Bluetooth buttons. This bass boost is made possible by Anker’s “patented BassUp technology” although some users note that the natural sound of the speaker can seem thin and flat when compared to the improvements of the boost function.

The treble, however, was not forgotten during manufacturing and does not fall short. Audiophiles report that the treble frequencies are accentuated just enough so that they are noticeable but do not cause the music quality to have a harsh edge to it.

​How They Compare

To make this information comprehensible at a glance, we have rated the different aspects of our reviewed Anker products in a chart form. We hope you look these ratings over and gain some insight on which portable speaker is best for you.

​Anker SoundCore

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  • Durable
  • Sleek, subtle, professional looks
  • Twenty-four-hour battery life
  • Flawless Bluetooth signal
  • 3.5 mm auxiliary input for non-Bluetooth devices


  • Not splash proof or waterproof
  • No back button
  • Buttons can be difficult to locate
  • Outdated Bluetooth version (4.0 where SoundCore 2 has 4.2)
  • A light bass response

​Anker SoundCore Boost

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  • Bluetooth capabilities of up to 66 feet away from the audio device
  • Simplistic professional black design 
  • Thick rubber gasket covers USB, micro USB, and 3.5 mm auxiliary port 
  • Built-in microphone
  • Splash proof 
  • Anker patented BassUp technology 
  • Trebles, mids, and highs are well-balanced


  • Prone to fingerprints and grime
  • Buttons can be hard to locate 
  • Built-in speakerphone sounds crackly 
  • Splash proof but not waterproof 
  • Only a twelve-hour battery life 
  • Speaker’s audio quality can sound thin and flat 

​Anker SoundCore 2

When one first takes a glance at the SoundCore 2, it does not look like there is much difference between it and the previous generation SoundCore. When one more closely inspects it, lo-and-behold the Anker SoundCore vs SoundCore 2 has made improvements on almost every aspect across the board from its previous version.

The slightly smaller and more dense version of the SoundCore 2 offers a body that is slim and small enough to fit in one’s pocket or purse for on the go listening. Despite its underwhelming size, the SoundCore 2 packs a surprising sound punch that holds up against portable Bluetooth speakers twice its size and price. The basic, minimalistic black design is something iconic for the Anker SoundCore line and manufacturers decided to honor this tradition with the SoundCore 2.

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The outer finish of the body of this speaker may be a magnet for fingerprints and dirt, but this speaker can withstand a shower. A brand new IPX5 rating, that was nowhere to be seen in the original SoundCore, has made a proud appearance for this second generation and this speaker has been put to the test by many consumers, putting it out in the rain, in a steamy shower room, by the poolside where it can be prone to splashes, and the SoundCore 2 passes each test with flying colors without skipping a beat.

Manufacturers made sure to pay extra attention and effort to the sound quality of this next generation speaker. The improvements in deeper bass and louder sound are evident as soon as one hears the first notes. The professional sound remains clear, distinctive, and no distortion is present through all types of media such as Spotify, YouTube, and even gaming.

The ease of Bluetooth pairing was a formidable aspect of the first generation SoundCore, and manufacturers kept this function and made small improvements. With an updated Bluetooth version, the pairing function is quick to work the first time, and no problems, distortion, or cut-outs in the audio are present unless one moves beyond the recommended 66 foot parameter.

Despite its improved sound quality and lower bass frequencies, this speaker keeps its iconic stellar battery life of twenty-four hours or 50 songs of playtime on one battery charge. The Anker brand is best known for its quality Li-ion batteries, and many users put the SoundCore 2 to the test with challenges such as weekend camping trips on one battery charge. Audiophiles are happy to report that the SoundCore 2 passes each test without breaking a sweat.

​Anker SoundCore Boost

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  • Dense and slim model
  • Can withstand splashes, rain, and other inclement climates
  • Deeper bass and bigger sound
  • Updated Bluetooth version
  • Twenty-four-hour play time on one Li-ion battery charge


  • Magnet for fingerprints and dirt
  • Some deeper bass frequencies can cause the speaker to warble and distort at higher volumes
  • Splash proof but not waterproof 


There are many choices out there for one who is seeking out the perfect speaker for their music. We hope we have made this search a bit less overwhelming with these amazing options. The Anker SoundCore vs SoundCore 2 brands should absolutely be considered if one is looking for a durable speaker with a simplistic, non-flashy design, a durability that will last them years, and a fierce battery power to match as well as top quality professional sound that is balanced with deep bass, accented mids, and punchy highs.

If you are someone who wants to spend as little as possible on a speaker while still getting a sleek, professional design, formidable durability, a long-lasting battery, and high-quality sound, then the Anker SoundCore is the perfect choice at under thirty bucks.

With its substantial, tough, built-to-last model, supreme above-average stellar Li-ion battery, easy-to-use Bluetooth capabilities with an impressive range of up to 66 feet, and professional sound that holds up for elongated periods of time at high volumes, the SoundCore is an absolute steal.


If you are interested in the amazing specs of the SoundCore and are willing to spend a bit more money for improvements on those specs, the SoundCore 2 is the way to go. This speaker has twice the wattage for twice the power, an updated Bluetooth version, a new water resistance rating of IPX5, and deeper, bigger sound. All of these amazing improved specs can be yours for only around fifteen dollars more.

If you are someone who enjoys all of the above and has a love for booming bass, the SoundCore Boost, and its bass boost function will be an attractive choice for you. At twice the price of the SoundCore 2, your ears will be blessed with bigger, fuller, deeper sound that becomes deeper still with the Anker patented BassUp technology.

No matter what you choose, though, the Anker SoundCore vs SoundCore 2 argument should be taken into consideration, and the Anker Advantage is always a good option to go with. So join the ten million plus individuals who are powered by Anker’s leading technology and let yourself experience their superior sound quality through their dual high-performance drivers and less than 1% total harmonic distortion today!

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