Hi! I’m Heather Turner, and I’m the Chief Editor here at Go Sound Shack.

I’ve always had a special place in my heart for music, and as the majority of my fellow music lovers know, it is crucial to have quality headphones, earbuds, or a quality sound system! After receiving a communications degree with a focus in music production, I decided to take my talents online. I have a deep passion for helping people, so I took my love for music to the next level. It is my goal to help people make the best decisions on the music listening products they purchase.

Go Sound Shack is run by myself and a team of speaker/headphone/earbud enthusiasts. Our mission is to bring the best speaker and earbud reviews to our readers so that they are always up to date on the safest and most popular headphones, earbuds, and sound systems that the market has to offer!

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